Leakhena Ya, Parent

Leakhena Ya, Parent

My oldest son started his elementary journey at Zaman International school, later known as Paragon International school. We could not have been happier with his teachers, the education he’s received and the experiences he’s been given. I chose Paragon as the school of choice for my children for their emphasis on bilingual programs adopting both […]

Puthsodary Tat, Parent

Paragon International School is one of the best high schools in Cambodia. As a parent, we are very impressed and have witnessed our children’s performance development in the last ten years. I want to express our sincere thanks to the teachers who have taught and guided her to achieve the best results in IGCSE and […]

Sven Bender, CEO at UberCars

A sound-field system makes it easier for the students to hear the teacher’s voice. Research has found that sound-field systems may improve literacy development in all children.