Tuition Fee

The Paragon International School Tuition Fee Policy was adopted by the School Board on the 22nd of February 2024. All financial aspects of the school entirely depend on fee income. The following section provides the major parts of the policy. A detailed policy document will be presented during the admission process.

All fees are payable in USD. The tuition fee amount may vary depending on the grade level, enrollment date and other factors, including scholarships, sibling discounts, alumni discounts, etc. Please contact the campus finance office for clear and detailed information about the fees.

Fee Definitions

Enrollment fee: A one-time fee payment while on the same campus; nonrefundable; non-transferable; to be paid before the admission process starts. The enrollment fee is intended to contribute to school facilities and cover maintenance and improvement costs for other amenities

Registration / Re-Registration Fee: Paid annually to reserve a child’s place in school for the coming academic year; non-refundable; non-transferable. Application fee: Payable once for each campus for admission and placement purposes; non-refundable and non-transferable. The application fee is payable upon submission of each completed admission form. (Intended to cover the administrative costs and standardised exam costs).

Other Fees: During the course of the academic year, there may be various expenses that are not outlined in this policy but will be charged to the parents: clubs, field trips, after-school activities, transportation, lunch, supplementary textbooks, external examinations, etc.

Initial fees (USD)
Enrollment fee 900
Registration fee 800
Application fee 60
Campus Programme Level Duration Tuition Fee
Kindergarten International Toddler Half day 4650
Kindergarten International Toddler Full day 5500
Kindergarten International Nursery Half day 4650
Kindergarten International Nursery Full day 5500
Kindergarten International Pre-K Full day 6875
Kindergarten International K Full day 6875
Initial fees New enrollment Transferred from Paragon KG
Enrollment fee 1100 800
Registration fee 850 700
Application fee 120 N/A
Campus Programme Grade Tuition Fee
New Enrollment
Transferred from
Paragon KG
Primary Bilingual 1 7660 7060
Primary International 1 11250 10340
Primary Bilingual 2 7660 5500
Primary International 2 11250 6875
Primary Bilingual 3 7660 6875
Primary International 3 11250
Primary Bilingual 4 7970
Primary International 4 11970
Primary Bilingual 5 7970
Primary International 5 11970
Primary Bilingual 6 7970
Primary International 6 11970
Initial fees New enrollment Transferred from Paragon Primary
Enrollment fee 1200 1000
Registration fee 850 700
Application fee 120 N/A
Campus Programme Grade Tuition Fee
New Enrollment
Transferred from
Paragon Primary
Secondary Bilingual 7 9340 8620
Secondary International 7 12910 11910
Secondary Bilingual 8 9340
Secondary International 8 12910
Secondary Bilingual 9 9340
Secondary International 9 12910
Secondary Bilingual 10 9720
Secondary International 10 13620
Secondary Bilingual 11 9720
Secondary International 11 13620
Secondary Bilingual 12 9720
Secondary International 12 13620

Payment options

The tuition fees can be paid fully or in installments.

Full payment

100 USD discount is applicable for full payment before the due date of 1st installment.

Payment in installments

1st installment due date 31 August 2024
2nd installment due date 31 December 2024

1st instalment due date 31 August 2024
2nd instalment due date 31 October 2024
3rd instalment due date 31 December 2024
4th instalment due date 28 February 2025


Enrollment fee discount: There is a 50% enrollment fee discount for early bird registrations. The deadline date for each Academic Year is announced on the school’s social media platform.

Sibling discount: A 15% tuition fee reduction will be given to your second child, and a 20% discount will be given to your third and every subsequent child. Those discount rates are applicable to all campuses, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and University. The discount is applied to the latest enrolled child(ren). No other discount is offered under any circumstances!

Alumnus discount: Paragon (formerly Zaman) Alumnus will receive a 10% discount on the tuition fee annually for the first child. The sibling discount applies to the remaining children. No other discount is offered under any circumstances!

Referral Discount: For each successful referral from an existing Paragon ISC family, the school will reward the referrer parent/guardian with a 500$ discount per referred child enrolled against the following academic year’s tuition fees for his/her own child/children. If your child studies at Grade 12 and there is no unpaid fee left for this academic year the amount will be paid in cash once the referred child successfully finishes the enrollment process. Additionally, the school will reward your friends who join us with a 250$ discount for use on their first tuition fee billing for each child admitted under this scheme.

School Uniform & Textbooks

Upon registration, each student will be provided with one set of school uniforms and one set of PE uniforms free of charge. One set of main subject textbooks will be provided by each campus based on their learning programme.