Paragon International School is one of Cambodia’s premier independent international schools, enrolling over 1100 students. Paragon ISC is controlled by The School Board. The school is a non-profit organization whose budget is prepared, overseen, and audited yearly by the School Board. The administration and teaching staff represent over 10 different countries. The average teaching experience of Paragon ISC teachers is over 15 years. Our primary focus is on internationalism in order to create open-minded world citizens who have international perspective, are self-confident and conscientious, and who can function as leaders and team members in societies all over the world.

Paragon ISC is a member of Cambridge community since 2007.

Over 1100 students.

To facilitate optimum learning we strive to maintain the following class sizes: Grade 1-2 (24 students), Grade 3-4  (28 students) and Grades 5-6 (28 students).

Students may be dropped off as early as 7:50 am.
Students may be picked up after 03:30 pm.

Please visit the Tuition & Fees page for this year’s tuition expenses.

Our fine arts department provides an outstanding education in the visual and performing arts with an emphasis on Cambodian culture. The faculty and staff have created a supportive environment in which students can grow in the fields of visual arts, theater, expressive arts and music, including band and vocal programs. Students participate in community art festivals, band and theater festivals.

The school has a cutting edge ICT lab. The classrooms has smart boards, projectors, sound system.

Email us or give us a call at (855) 23-88-40-40 and we will be more than happy to help you.