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At Paragon ISC Primary School we are committed to ensuring that we meet the National Curriculum requirements as well as the Cambridge Primary International Curriculum requirements. We aim to provide a broad range of worthwhile curricular opportunities that cater to the interests, aptitudes, and particular needs of students, and to ensure progression in students’ learning.

Throughout the educational program, we want to work toward a greater understanding and awareness of diverse cultures, races, and creeds, and to make sure all students have the same opportunities regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic status.

We have always believed in the significance of rich primary school experiences. Therefore, we seek to build learning opportunities around inspiring and stimulating activities. Students start understanding community service and involvement in social activities through the Paragon Student Council from early years.

There is a wide range of subjects offered in both Bilingual and International classes:

  • Cambridge Mathematics
  • Mathematics (Khmer)
  • Modern Languages: Chinese
  • English
  • Language and Literature (Khmer)
  • Science
  • Science (Khmer)
  • Design and Technology: Robotics and ICT
  • Creative Arts and Music classes
  • Cambridge Global Perspectives
  • Social Studies (Khmer)
  • Character Education

Learning Support

Paragon International School focuses on the individual well-being of students. It doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach, so teachers are highly encouraged to differentiate their instruction, curriculum, & materials to promote meaningful learning for every student.
Providing learning support for students with diverse learning needs is one of the vital components to ensure the quality of the school. In this regard, the Learning Support Department works in collaboration with all stakeholders of the school – teachers, teaching assistance, parents and the wider community to ensure that the individual needs of each referred student are met. One of the many services provided by the department is in-house training for teachers and teaching assistants on the topics of understanding learning differences and giving the right type of intervention. In this respect, the department has been organizing awareness campaigns, such as “Dyslexia Awareness Week” and “Understanding ADHD” that turned into annual events for teachers, parents and students.
Members in the learning support department try to stay updated with the latest interventions and strategies to support students with special needs. All members of the department have taken courses on understanding special educational needs, such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism and what approaches work best in teaching students with such conditions.
Additionally, Paragon International School is one of the member schools of SENIAC Local Chapter (Special Educational Needs in Asia) and benefits from the resources of the wider community to give evidence-based interventions. The representatives of more than 20 International schools have attended the PD that was held in North Bridge International School to exchange the latest intervention approaches.

Extracurricular Activities

Paragon ISC provides access to diverse and inclusive opportunities for students who wish to embrace the challenge of pursuing academic excellence, develop social and intellectual skills and gain fulfilment through our wide range of activities. Here are some examples of co-curricular activities: STEM Festivals, Subject Weeks, Spelling Bee, Quiz Show, Culture and Education Festival, PTC, subject-wise field trips and many more.
Besides classroom work, the school offers various extra-curricular activities to students. These activities encourage teamwork skills, confidence, and moral values in our students. Here are some examples: after-school clubs, meeting with entrepreneurs, community services, fundraising events, charity week, field trips, weekend activities with homerooms, International Holidays celebration, Halloween celebration and many more.

We offer a range of fun and challenging activities designed to develop teamwork skills, confidence, moral values, and character in our students. Here are a few examples from around our Primary Campus:

– Fundraising Event
– Celebration of Learning
– Class day
– Special Days (My Color day, Career Day, My Pet Day, etc.)
– Weekend activities with homerooms
– Spelling Bee Contest
– Fun and Educational Fairs


Paragon ISC offers various clubs to students. It could be academic or interest clubs. Here is the list of the clubs provided in Paragon ISC Primary Campus:

🖵 Starters (T-Th) 🖵 Movers (T-Th) 🖵 Flyers (T-Th)
🖵 A2 Key (T-Th) 🖵 Checkpoint ESL (T-Th) 🖵Checkpoint (T-Th-F)

🖵Taekwondo (M-W) 🖵Swimming (M-W) 🖵Ukulele (M-W) 🖵 Basketball (M-W) 🖵Aikido (M-W) 🖵Art Club (M-W)
🖵Ping-Pong ( (M-W) 🖵 Maths Olympiad (M-W) 🖵Robotics (M-W)
🖵Science Secrets​ (M-W) 🖵Chinese Language (M-W)
🖵Football (Sat) 🖵Digital Art/Computer Fun (M-W)
🖵Khmer Learning Support Club (T-Th) 🖵Robotics (M-W)

XXI Century Skills

Our curricular and extracurricular activities allow students to:
– integrate knowledge and skills from the domains of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Languages and Social Science.
– apply their knowledge and skills to real-life scenarios, including proposing solutions to identified problems.
– acquire lifelong skills to become successful individuals in the future.


The core of our values is internationalism, which we believe is crucial to cultivating open-mindedness, tolerance, and growing global citizens.
Cross-campus celebrated festivals:
– Khmer New Year
– Chinese New year
– Christmas
– Halloween
– Pchum Ben
– Diwali
– Water Festival etc.

Parent-School Communication

Homeroom teacher
Homeroom teachers are essential for both students and parents in bridging any concerns relating to academics, social well-being, and administration matters. They are guides for students and serve to support and inspire the students in their academic and character development.
Parents will receive invitations to Parent Telegram Groups and contact them for any request.

SIS APP – Student Information System
The ParagonISC APP has been developed as a downloadable application for both Android and IOS platforms. Parents and students are provided with usernames that enable them to:
Receive notifications about their child’s attendance;
Follow up on academic performance;
Check the medical, library and behaviour records;
Kept posted on the latest news;
Receive information about remaining tuition fees;
Have access to other resourceful materials.

Teachers and parents gather twice a year for Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTCs) in order to discuss student achievements and inform parents about school programs and events. This provides a forum for teachers, parents, and, at times, students to discuss academics and social development.

During PTCs, parents have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarity over any concerns or queries they may have about their child’s education or the school’s administrative process.
It’s a time as well for teachers to share relevant information about the student and calibrate expectations. A Parent-Teacher Conference is one of many ways that students, parents, and schools are committed to the success and welfare of their students.

Safety and Security

We place the safety and security of our students at the forefront of everything we do. All of our students and staff are regularly trained so that they are well prepared and can respond accordingly to any dangerous situations. Fire and lockdown drills are conducted every term to ensure that our students and staff are prepared to respond to emergencies.

Additionally, Paragon ISC has contracted with a private security company for security guards to ensure the safety of the school environment. The security guards monitor who enters and leaves the school daily, as well as monitor security camera footage.

Students who have lost their items should report to the Secondary Campus Manager for assistance in the recovery of the lost item.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

We require our teachers and support staff to participate in Child Protection training that focuses on protecting children from abuse, exploitation, and neglect. It promotes the health and welfare of children and young people helping them to grow up in a safe and supportive environment.

Student Wellbeing

As a Paragon ISC student, your well-being is of paramount importance to us, and we strive to ensure you are nurtured in safe and effective conditions. If you have any concerns, please contact your homeroom or welfare coordinator. You can also report it anonymously using online platforms.

National and International Achievements

Paragon ISC Primary Campus aims to further develop our learners’ academic excellence and global citizenship. Cambridge Examinations are fundamental in developing and assessing the learner’s four macro-skills such as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. These skills are vital in this competitive world. Cambridge Examinations are internationally recognised; therefore learners have the assurance that they will thrive in any specialization they will be taking in the future.
The following are the offered Cambridge examinations in Paragon ISC:
Cambridge YLE Pre-A1 Starters
Cambridge YLE A1 Movers
Cambridge YLE A2 Flyers
Cambridge A2 Key for Schools
Cambridge Primary Checkpoint English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Science

Olympiads and Competitions (total number of medals)
International Competitions are the arena for our students to challenge students from around the globe. Apart from the tremendous eye-opening exposure, such international competitions present the students with the chance to develop their talents, showcase their work and compete in an international arena and win medals and trophies.
Some international contests:
Genius in USA
Angkor Math Challenge
Kangaroo Math olympiad
World Robotics Olympiad
World Scholars Cup Olympiad
International Math Challenge
Paragon ISC olympiad and competition statistics:
Gold medals – 101
Bronze medals- 186
Silver medals – 102

Sports Events

Students are encouraged to participate in different sports at school as it supports students’ physical and mental development. The school takes part in competitions between international schools and participates in sports events organized in other countries. Paragon ISC students have demonstrated competence not only in academics but in sports too; every year, numerous trophies are won in a variety of sports events.


For transportation to and from the School Campus, Paragon ISC coordinates for the services of medium-sized passenger buses. The school buses (and their drivers) are privately contracted by Paragon ISC. The school coordinates and supervises the buses for the convenience of Paragon ISC families. Students are fetched from home and picked to the school before lessons start. The bus fee depends on the location of the student and can be made term based or in a full form payment.
There is a large parking lot in front of the school for vehicles. Special security guard assigned to help drivers and control the traffic every morning and afternoon.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee amount varies depending on the grade level, enrollment date and other factors including scholarships, sibling discounts, alumni discounts etc.
To get clear and detailed information about the fees please contact the campus finance office.
Phone number: +855 12446644 / 023 884040 / 023 880030
Telegram: +855 12446644

Payment options
The tuition fee can be paid fully or in installments.

Full payment
100 USD discount is applicable for full payment before the due date of 1st installment.

Payment in installments:
1st installment due date 31 August 2022
2nd installment due date 31 October 2022
3rd installment due date 31 December 2022
4th installment due date 28 February 2023

Enrollment fee discount: There is a 50% enrollment fee discount until 7 May 2022.
Sibling discount: 15 per cent on tuition fee for the second child, 20 per cent on tuition fee for the third and each further child. This rule applies to all campuses, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and University. The discount is applied to the latest enrolled child(ren). No other discount is offered under any circumstances!
Alumnus discount: Paragon (formerly Zaman) Alumnus will receive a 10 per cent discount on the tuition fee annually for the first child. The sibling discount applies to the remaining children. No other discount is offered under any circumstances!

Referral Discount:

For each successful referral from an existing Paragon ISC family, the school will reward the referrer parent/guardian with a 500$ discount per referred child enrolled against the following academic year’s tuition fees for his/her own child/children. If your child studies at Grade 12 and there is no unpaid fee left for this AY the amount will be paid in cash once the referred child successfully finishes the enrollment process. Additionally, the school will reward your friends who join us with a 250$ discount for use on their first tuition fee billing for each child admitted under this scheme.

Scholarship Opportunities

Paragon ISC offers a number of scholarships each year to the following students who are going to continue their studies at the Paragon ISC campuses:

3 students from Grade 6 who scored 6.0 in English, Mathematics and Science in Primary Checkpoint Exams. – 2000 USD

Scholarship Examination for Grade 6 Students

Paragon International School Secondary Campus offers scholarships to Cambodian citizens who are going to complete their Grade 6 studies during the current academic year. The students are required to sit for the Scholarship Examination in order to get the scholarship.

The questions in the Scholarship Examination come from English, Mathematics and Science subjects. The entire test is in the English language.

The first 3 (three) students who get the highest scores will have the right to get 100%, 75%, 50% scholarships respectively. The registration and enrolment fees will be waived for these students.