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Welcome to the dynamic world of Paragon ISC Primary Campus, centrally situated in the Toul Kork area of Phnom Penh, on Street 315, Boeng Kok 1. Our Primary Campus serves as the stepping stone for students in grades 1 to 6, providing a nurturing environment before they transition to the secondary campus. Here, we prioritize comprehensive development and offer a range of facilities to cater to every aspect of a student’s growth.

Our Primary Campus is thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse needs of our young learners. From the captivating Science lab where magic experiments come to life, to the lively Music class echoing with sounds and performances, each corner of our campus is a hub of excitement and learning. The Art room is a haven for creativity, where students unleash their artistic potential and bring their imaginations to life.

The library, a treasure trove of knowledge, is a favorite among our students. It’s a space where young minds can delve into the enchanting world of books and stories, fostering a love for reading and exploration.

At Paragon ISC Primary Campus, we believe in providing an immersive and engaging learning experience that goes beyond textbooks. We strive to create an environment where curiosity is sparked, talents are discovered, and every child is encouraged to succeed.

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We are currently accepting applications for the 2024-2025 Academic Year.

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At Paragon ISC Primary School we are committed to ensuring that we meet the National Curriculum requirements as well as the Cambridge Primary International Curriculum requirements. We aim to provide a broad range of worthwhile curricular opportunities that cater to the interests, aptitudes, and particular needs of students, and to ensure progression in students’ learning.

Throughout the educational program, we want to work toward a greater understanding and awareness of diverse cultures, races, and creeds, and to make sure all students have the same opportunities regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic status.

We have always believed in the significance of rich primary school experiences. Therefore, we seek to build learning opportunities around inspiring and stimulating activities. Students start understanding community service and involvement in social activities through the Paragon Student Council from early years.

There is a wide range of subjects offered in both Bilingual and International classes:

  • Cambridge Mathematics
  • Mathematics (Khmer)
  • Modern Languages: Chinese
  • English
  • Language and Literature (Khmer)
  • Science
  • Science (Khmer)
  • Design and Technology: Robotics and ICT
  • Creative Arts and Music classes
  • Cambridge Global Perspectives
  • Social Studies (Khmer)
  • Character Education

Scholarship Opportunities

Paragon ISC offers a number of scholarships each year to the following students who are going to continue their studies at the Paragon ISC campuses:

3 students from Grade 6 who scored 6.0 in English, Mathematics and Science in Primary Checkpoint Exams. – 2000 USD

Scholarship Examination for Grade 6 Students


Paragon International School Secondary Campus offers scholarships to Cambodian citizens who are going to complete their Grade 6 studies during the current academic year. The students are required to sit for the Scholarship Examination in order to get the scholarship.

The questions in the Scholarship Examination come from English, Mathematics and Science subjects. The entire test is in the English language.

The first 3 (three) students who get the highest scores will have the right to get 100%, 75%, 50% scholarships respectively. The registration and enrolment fees will be waived for these students.

Extra Curricular Activities

Paragon ISC provides access to diverse and inclusive opportunities for students who wish to embrace the challenge of pursuing academic excellence, develop social and intellectual skills and gain fulfilment through our wide range of activities. Here are some examples of co-curricular activities: STEM Festivals, Subject Weeks, Spelling Bee, Quiz Show, Culture and Education Festival, PTC, subject-wise field trips and many more.
Besides classroom work, the school offers various extra-curricular activities to students. These activities encourage teamwork skills, confidence, and moral values in our students. Here are some examples: after-school clubs, meeting with entrepreneurs, community services, fundraising events, charity week, field trips, weekend activities with homerooms, International Holidays celebration, Halloween celebration and many more.

We offer a range of fun and challenging activities designed to develop teamwork skills, confidence, moral values, and character in our students. Here are a few examples from around our Primary Campus:

Fundraising event
Celebration of learning
Class day
Special Days (My Color day, Career Day, My Pet Day, etc.)


Paragon ISC Primary Campus provides access to diverse and inclusive opportunities for students who wish to embrace the challenge of pursuing academic excellence, develop social and intellectual skills, and gain fulfillment through our wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Students can join clubs, which may be either academic or interest-based, and Cambridge Clubs.

Cambridge Clubs


Our Starters Cambridge Club introduces students to English language learning. Through engaging activities and exercises, they develop basic vocabulary and language skills.


The Movers Cambridge Club advances students’ English language proficiency. They focus on enhancing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, building a strong foundation for effective communication.


In our Flyers Cambridge Club, students further develop their English language abilities, with a focus on fluency and comprehension. They engage in interactive activities and tasks to boost their language skills.

A2 Key for School

The A2 Key for School Cambridge Club prepares students for this key milestone in English language learning. They gain competence in English, with a focus on practical communication and essential language skills.

Checkpoint ESL

The Checkpoint ESL Cambridge Club focuses on English as a Second Language. Students improve their language skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing to excel in an English-speaking environment.


Checkpoint: In our Checkpoint Cambridge Club, students prepare for the Cambridge Checkpoint exams, developing strong English language skills for academic success. They engage in comprehensive language training, critical thinking, and exam readiness.

Social Clubs

Robotics Club

Dive into the world of technology and innovation with our Robotics Club. Students explore the exciting field of robotics, learning to design and build their own robots. They engage in hands-on challenges and problem-solving, nurturing their STEM skills and creativity.

Digital Art and Computer Fun

Unleash your child’s artistic and technological talents with our Digital Art and Computer Fun Club. Students create digital art, animations, and games while developing computer skills. It’s a dynamic space where imagination meets technology, fostering creativity and digital literacy.

Swimming Club

Dive into the world of aquatics with our Swimming Club. Students enhance their swimming skills, water confidence, and safety awareness. Through structured lessons and water activities, they learn basic swimming techniques while enjoying a fun and safe environment.

Art Club

Students explore various art forms, develop their skills, and express their unique visions. Through painting, drawing, and crafts, they find inspiration and self-expression, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Taekwondo Club

Get active and disciplined in our Taekwondo Club. Students learn this martial art, focusing on self-discipline, respect, and physical fitness. It’s an excellent way to build confidence, physical strength, and mental resilience. The Taekwondo Club is implemented in collaboration with Authentic Advanced Academy (AAA).

Ping Pong Club

Students learn the fundamentals of table tennis, improving hand-eye coordination and sportsmanship. It’s a dynamic and social way to stay active and have a blast with friends.

Chess Club

Cultivate strategic thinking and problem-solving in our Chess Club. Students delve into the world of chess, enhancing their critical thinking, planning, and concentration skills. They participate in friendly matches and tournaments, fostering a lifelong passion for this classic game.

Football Club

Students engage in team sports, enhancing their physical fitness, teamwork, and soccer skills. Through drills and friendly matches, they learn to dribble, pass, and score, building a love for the world game.

Basketball Club

Shoot for the stars with our Basketball Club. Students learn the fundamentals of basketball, from dribbling and shooting to teamwork and sportsmanship. They engage in friendly games, developing physical fitness and a passion for the sport.

Science Secrets Club

Unlock the mysteries of science in our Science Secrets Club. Students engage in hands-on experiments, scientific inquiry, and exploration. They explore the wonders of the natural world while developing curiosity, observation, and analytical skills.

Khmer Language Club

Celebrate Cambodia’s culture and language in our Khmer Language Club. Students explore the Khmer language, customs, and traditions. Through cultural activities and language immersion, they foster a love for their own heritage.

Maths Olympiad Club

Unleash your child’s mathematical potential with our Maths Olympiad Club. Students immerse themselves in complex math problems, puzzles, and challenging competitions. They foster problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and a profound passion for mathematics. Participants also take part in various math competitions and Olympiads, achieving notable success.

Chinese Language Club

Explore the richness of Chinese culture and language in our Chinese Language Club. Students delve into Mandarin, learning to speak, read, and write. Through cultural activities and language exposure, they gain a deep appreciation for this vibrant culture.

Ukulele Club

Students explore music through this fun and approachable instrument. They learn to play songs, read sheet music, and discover the joy of music creation in a supportive and creative environment.

The core of our values is internationalism, which we believe is crucial to cultivating open-mindedness, tolerance, and growing global citizens.
Cross-campus celebrated festivals:

Khmer New Year
Khmer New Year
Khmer New Year
Khmer New Year
Celebration of Learning
Celebration of Learning
Khmer New Year
Khmer New Year
Chinese New Year
Chinese New year
Reading ceremony
Reading ceremony

For transportation to and from the School Campus, Paragon ISC coordinates for the services of medium-sized passenger buses. The school buses (and their drivers) are privately contracted by Paragon ISC. The school coordinates and supervises the buses for the convenience of Paragon ISC families. Students are fetched from home and picked to the school before lessons start. The bus fee depends on the location of the student and can be made term based or in a full form payment. 


Our curricular and extracurricular activities allow students to:

Integrate knowledge and skills from the domains of STEM, Languages and Social Science.
Apply their knowledge and skills to real-life scenarios, including proposing solutions to identified problems.
Acquire lifelong skills to empower individuals for greater success in the future.

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