World Teacher’s Day Celebration

07-10-19 Thyra Piv 0 comment

World Teachers’ Day, also known as International Teachers Day, was first celebrated on October 5, 1994 to honour teachers or those who made a special contribution to a community. To increase teachers’ profiles, annually schools and students celebrate this day to emphasise teachers’ key roles and thank them for their hard work in the education sector.

At Paragon International School, posters were put on the hallway, and on the bullet board where teachers’ photos were also placed were kind words and heartfelt notes from students as a special tribute to their beloved teachers. Various exciting and fun activities were enjoyed by all in lower-level classes, while peer-to-peer learning took place in a higher one, allowing teachers to take some time off from work. Moreover, the School Administration together with Paragon Student Union presented our teachers with flowers and gifts, followed by a thank you speech by our team members.

Paragon International School never loses sight of recognising an important occasion that gives a spotlight and value to our community members.