Dear Readers,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you to Paragon International School. Our journey started in a humble cluster of offices which was opened as a school in the city of Phnom Penh back in 1997. Although at that time facilities and equipment may have been lacking, it was made up for with a burning desire to create an educational institution which would do justice to the brilliant young minds Cambodia has in abundance.

Paragon International School is run and owned by myself under Paragon Co., Ltd. Founded with the aim to provide quality international education to the youth of the nation, as the demand for such academic instruction increased, we expanded our facilities, increased our ambitions and did everything in our capacity to build something which would be long lasting and serve its purpose in full. Today the School caters for over 1,200 students in three ever-expanding and improving campuses dotted across the capital.

Our participation and student success in international contests, such as Math and Science Olympiads, are key elements to the School’s continued prosperity. Such events not only bestow on students new knowledge and ideas but also give them the confidence to be able to go on and achieve whatever they wish to in life, while also aiding their development as global citizens who will possess the values to always look to improve the lives of others around them.

State-of-the-art facilities, combined with passionate and highly qualified teachers, allow us to nurture each of our student’s educational needs. Pupils who attend our campuses enjoy a very positive and encouraging atmosphere across all spectrums of their school careers. Each of our classrooms is air-conditioned and equipped with an interactive board – we ensure that a safe and supportive environment for students to learn in is a priority, in turn empowering them with the responsibility required to become global citizens.

However, there is, in fact, far greater justification for my unrelenting verve and spirit in the privileged role I hold at the institution. As a school we pride ourselves on our engagement in helping the community we live in. Each member of staff is hired with the belief they will adopt our passion for charity and philanthropy. It is our aim to ensure our students achieve all they can in the subjects they discover a talent for but also that they leave our school being well-rounded individuals ready to serve and aid those less fortunate whenever they can.

The school would not be able to achieve all of the above without its dynamic teaching faculty, its terrific support staff, dedicated students and committed parents. It is a truly wonderful collection of people committed to education. It defines what a school should be, how one should feel and the way which one should fully commit to every child it admits onto its campuses.

In order to further our commitment to quality teaching, we have adopted several internationally recognised programmes which we view as enabling ourselves and our students to remain in line with the latest developments in world education. The IGCSE and A Level programmes bring a significantly higher calibre to what we are able to offer students academically. They not only ensure students will possess the most highly thought of qualifications should they choose to later study abroad, but also mean when they begin careers in Cambodia our nation gains skilled individuals who are capable of matching the world’s finest in industries across the board.

The School offers students the option to take a full international programme while other students follow the biligingal option (international classes in the morning and Khmer classes in the afternoon). Our international classes are taught by teachers who are able to offer cultural insights from the dozens of different countries they originate from and have taught in. Students are made aware of the beliefs and ways of life of communities from around the world and this learning process is enhanced by the international curriculums they are taught from.

The School’s commitment to meeting international standards extends to its membership of various world-renowned organisations which include CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) and CIS (Council of International Schools).

You only have to drop into one of our campuses on a school day to get a sense of how the mix of our international teachers and passionate local staff help to create an unrivalled and astounding learning environment.

Yours Faithfully ,

Lok Chumteav Chea Sophakanny


Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.

Paragon ISC is a truly multicultural school, where learning and the development of your child takes place in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

With an engaging curriculum, we inspire your child to explore new realms of knowledge, skills, and experiences to achieve their best. With high quality teaching and pastoral care, we commission ourselves to bring up individuals who will thrive and contribute to this world having a solid sense of who they are, with respect for others as individuals, as members of a group, as citizens of their nation, and as members of the global community.

In these unprecedented times where uncertainty is the current reality, our community has been very supportive, as we journey through balancing on-campus and off-campus studies. You become part of this amazing community, if you decide on joining us. You will soon discover that the faculty take their responsibilities seriously while having an acute sense of humor, amazing students with creative participation and aspirations, a cordial and cooperative partnership among parents, School Board and the wider communities.

I do hope you gain insight into the school and find all the answers, while you browse the website pages.