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Paragon ISC Summer School

Summer School - Summer adventures in learning

Summer camps provide much-needed and sorely missed enrichment opportunities that allow kids to grow socially, cognitively, and physically. The benefits of these experiences include:

      • Socialization: Kids have spent more time in virtual classrooms than in physical spaces where they can truly interact. Facilitating face-to-face peer experiences for children is more important than ever. A summer camp is a place to make new friends and develop interpersonal skills.
      • Health and exercise: Too much time at home has many kids spending hours on the couch rather than getting the exercise they need. Summer camps fill kids’ days with exciting activities that get their growing muscles moving.
      • Learning opportunities: Summer camps give every child opportunities to learn lessons they wouldn’t get at home. Campers hone their problem-solving capabilities, learn to work as part of a team, and gain valuable perspectives from others. Plus, the time away from home tests campers’ responsibility and independence in a safe environment where they can fail with little consequence.

Summer school classes are held in climate-controlled, large modern classrooms with an average of 15 students per class. Proper social distancing is in place and the entire school facility has an enhanced air filtration system providing optimum health and safety for students and staff.

Students attend our program to obtain advancing credit or to preview an upcoming subject. Over the years, more than ninety percent of students score 85 or higher on August Regents Exams, with over sixty-five percent of those students scoring 90 or above.

Attendance is an integral part of student success when taking summer school classes. Students are expected to attend all classes in-person, allowing them to complete the mandated number of instructional hours according to the schedule.

Summer schools can also be a very entertaining experience. Innovative class activities are great social icebreakers in addition to other great opportunities to interact with like-minded bright students. Participate in special events, parties and city trips that will make your summer school experience unforgettable.