Summer School

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summer school

During summer school 2017 both students and teachers revealed activities in English class.

Students had a chance to research about different parts of the world, countries, and cultures, and even plan a trip to a country of their choice, using resources that helped them design their journey – from flight ticket to lunch prices!

During our riddle solving sessions, students had to team up and compete in solving riddles and brain teasers, brainstorm together with their teammates and be the quickest one to find a solution to a puzzle

The most energetic and joyful activity was a treasure hunt. Not only students had to find puzzling clues, but also find their way out of “escape room” by detecting letters, combining them into a password.

However, finding clues was only half the battle, the hardest puzzle has found in a “Romeo and Juliet” book in the library. The key was hidden in Caesar’s code, and students had to do some research about the code, understand it and find encryption key.

In the end, students practiced their presentation skills and had a chance to share the trip they had planned in the first week. Overall the first 2 weeks were full of interesting, exciting and sophisticated activities that helped students know each other better, practice their speaking, writing and reading skills.