Social Network / Media

We would like our students to use technology and its products responsibly without hurting any individuals or bringing damage to any person’s or institution’s reputation. Therefore,

  1. Any student found using Facebook during the school day, either via phone or laptop, will automatically receive a suspension.
  2. Any Facebook messages posted by students about the school, staff or other students that include slurs/insults based on any issue, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, gender will be considered  discrimination and result in a suspension.
  3. Any photos or videos (on facebook, youtube etc.) posted by students, taken inside or outside campus, in school uniforms with school logo or any sign on it that represents the school may bring damage to the school’s reputation. Therefore it is strictly forbidden. This case will also end up with a suspension.
  4. Any physical quarrel or fight between Paragon ISC students at school premises, resulting from a Facebook post -or cyberbullying-, will result in a suspension, for those who fight and those who provoke the violence.
    The length of suspension is to be determined by the school administration. In case of same student repeating the same action, the school board will consider expulsion.