Our Values and Beliefs

+We consider our valuable students to be assets in our school.
+ We understand that all children have different abilities, skills, and interests, which if
developed and nurtured, will enable them to become mature, self-sufficient and
productive members of the community:

  • A lifelong love of learning to support the development of a student’s
    full social and academic potential; the all-round development of the individual
    and encourage curiosity, reflection, and questioning;
  • Respect for people from a variety of cultural and racial backgrounds and of
    various religious and political orientations; foster an understanding of human
    values, confidence, and responsibility to society;
  • A lasting commitment to international co-operation and an understanding of
    the interdependence of individuals, groups, and nations;
  • Skill and pride in developing communicative competence in languages other
    then the mother tongue;
  • The determination to achieve the highest possible standards in all that they do.

+Our curriculum strives to incorporate the experiences, cultures, and perspectives of our
students; specifically, an appreciation of Cambodia’s culture and its contribution to the
heritage of the civilized world.

+Students, staff, and parents regard one another with respect, acceptance, and friendship.