Primary Campus

Secondary Campus

* Enrollment Fee (One-time fee payment while in the same Campus)
* Application fee (One-time fee payment, non-refundable and non-transferrable)
* Registration Fee (Every Year)
* School Uniform: One set of school uniform is provided free of charge.
* During the course of the academic year, there may be various expenses that are not outlined on this page, but will be charged to the parents: clubs, field trips, after school activities, transportation, lunch, P.E uniform, supplementary text books, external examinations (other than the aforementioned CAIE exams)., etc.
* The classes will be formed if minimum number of students is met.

Tuition fee payment schedule
1st installment due date 31 August 2021
2nd installment due date 31 October 2021
3rd installment due date 31 December 2021
4th installment due date 28 February 2022

Enrollment fee discount
There is 50% enrollment fee discount until 31 May 2021.

Full payment discount
100USD discount is applicable for full payment before due date of 1st installment

Sibling discount
15 per cent on tuition fee for the second child, 20 per cent on tuition fee for the third and
each further child.
This rule applies for all campuses, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and University.
The discount is applied on the latest enrolled child(ren).
No other discount is offered for any circumstances!

Alumnus discount
Paragon (formerly Zaman) Alumnus will receive a 10 per cent discount on the tuition fee annually for the first child. The sibling discount applies for the remaining children.
No other discount is offered for any circumstances!