Paragon ISC  has its goal to help every student fulfill his/her intellectual, social, physical and emotional potential. Everything in and about the school has been designed to create an orderly and distraction-free environment in which all students can learn effectively and pleasantly. To foster this kind of learning environment, Paragon ISC administrators and teachers shall not allow misbehavior during school, on school property, or at or during any school-sponsored activities.
Every individual is entitled to courtesy and consideration. Students are expected to extend courtesy in their relationships. Actions which injure others or words that hurt and insult are not tolerated at any time.
The principal and the teachers are available to work with the students to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings. Students with conflict problems should go to the duty teacher at once for help in resolving the immediate situation.
If anything happens to the students inside or outside the school area because of breaking the rules, the school is not responsible for any incident.
The disciplinary committee, which will meet fortnightly (or as required depending on the situation) in order to hear cases, consists of the Head of the Discipline Committee, Vice Principals, and homeroom teacher of the student being considered.
The disciplinary committee has the right to increase or decrease the punishment based upon the evidence.
All discipline records will be transferred to the following year. If the student doesn’t repeat the improper behavior in the year after the infraction, his record will be cleared.
The following corrective measures will be used in cases where school rules are breached:

  • Warning -either verbal or written (counseling, reprimand, etc.)
  • Loss of privileges
  • Parental conference (the school reserves the right to inform the family of any infraction)
  • Assignments or extra duties may be given to the offending student by the Committee.
  • Detention after school, during lunch or on Saturdays
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

Each time a student violates the rules, she/he will be subjected to corrective measures. The school may not accept the student for the next academic year based on past records of misbehavior by the student.