The school directory is prepared in September and lists the home address and home phone number of every Paragon ISC family. If available, the school would also like to list cellular phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The directory is to be used for communication within the Paragon ISC school community only and should not be given to commercial vendors or outside organizations. If there is a change in the contact telephone number parents shall inform Paragon ISC so that Paragon ISC can contact parents when necessary. If not given to Paragon ISC we are not responsible for any problem that may arise due to lack of the proper emergency contact phone number
Student fund-raising activities on campus, or off campus on behalf of the school, must be approved by the Principal. Solicitation of funds, services, or sponsorship from outside companies and organizations must be coordinated through the Principal.
The school uses a revised version of the Emergency Procedures Manual for Overseas Schools for emergency preparedness. The Safety Committee regularly reviews safety policy and procedures and schedules frequent drills.
The library is a quiet place for the school community to read, study or do research. The library is open from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. daily, except Sunday. The librarian is available by arrangement for special research projects outside these hours. So that everyone can take maximum advantage of this vital school facility and resource, the following rules apply:
1. Silence should be maintained at all times;
2. All library resources on loan must be checked out at the librarian’s desk;
3. Reference and/or reserved materials may only be checked out at the end of the school day and must be returned by 10:30 the following day;
4. Wilfully taking library resources from the library without checking them out is regarded as stealing and the consequence may therefore be suspension;
5. Students with overdue library resources are sent reminders through their homeroom teachers; students having overdue library resources at the end of any term will not receive their grade report.
Our Paragon ISC library is the inquiry lab for the entire school, grade 7 to grade 12. It is our goal to promote information literacy skills for classes, small groups and individual research.
Promoting recreational reading is another equally important goal. The library has a growing collection of print and CD-ROM resources of this type.
1. Sit at the seat allocated to you.
2. Stay in your seat unless you are asked to move.
3. Follow the teachers’ instructions carefully.
4. Leave school bags in your own class. Bags are not allowed in the laboratory.
5. Only use or operate equipment if you have been told to do so by your teacher.
6. Chemicals can be dangerous, keep them away from you unless you are using them as part of an experiment
7. Keep chemicals away from your eyes.
8. Keep your hands away from your mouth after you have handled chemicals.
9. Keep chemicals in the laboratory.
10. Gas is dangerous. Keep gas valves closed unless you are told to open them.
11. Wash your hands thoroughly before you leave the laboratory.
12. Notify all students of the lab rules frequently.
13. Breakage or damage to equipment will be charged to the students’ parents.
1. Classes must not be left unattended in the computer laboratory.
2. Students cannot bring their own disks into the computer laboratory.
3. School bags may not be brought into the computer laboratory.
4. Students must not assemble or disassemble any computer or peripheral.
5. Chalk should not be used in the computer laboratory.
6. Notify all students of the lab rules frequently.
7. Breakage or damage to equipment will be charged to the students’ parents.
1. Access to the school’s technology resources will only be allowed for the students currently registered at this school.
2. Resources are available solely for educational objectives of this school.
3. When using the school’s network or computing resources, students must follow the rules for that particular location, including displaying their Paragon ISC ID CARD face-up.
4. In case of doubt, a student must ask his/her teacher before going ahead.
5. If students use their internet access for anything other than acceptable use, they may lose their right to access the school’s technology resources.
6. Inappropriate material is strictly prohibited. This includes ANY content not pertaining to classroom instruction.
7. No food or drink is allowed in the computer room and areas.
8. Creating or sending threatening, harassing, or inflammatory material or messages is prohibited
9. No violations of copyrighted material: Treat anything created by others (information, graphics, music, sounds, projects, etc.) as private property and respect copyrights.
10. Advertising items for sale (or any commercial use) in case of a doubt, a student must ask his/her teacher before going ahead.11. Access to Paragon ISC technology resources is a privilege, not a right. The technology staff or classroom teacher may take away a student’s access to the school’s technology resources at any time.
12. All files not generated at school MUST be scanned for viruses before opening. This includes electronic E-mail files, floppy disks, CD ROMs, and flash drives.
13. If a student identifies a possible security problem, he/she must notify the classroom teacher at once and must never present a security problem to others.
14. The school reserves the right to look at all e-mails and files.
15. Remember that you are a representative of Paragon International School. Always be polite.
16. Cite references for any facts you present. Using copyrighted information without proper references is illegal. Remember that files created by others are their private property.17. E-mail is never private. The recipient of your message can easily forward it. Do not send an e-mail that you would not want the whole world to see.
18. Never access other people’s network folders without permission.
19. E-mail is allowed for educational purposes only. No instant messaging is allowed at school.
Any student who demonstrates such “unacceptable use” may lose access to the school’s technology resources. Students who violate security guidelines may lose access to the internet, the school network and the school’s computers.
All personal articles of clothing left about the campus are placed in the lost and found box near the administrative offices. At the end of each quarter, the articles in the lost & found box are placed on the benches of the entrance court for reclaiming; unclaimed articles are cleaned and donated to the charity. The school does not take responsibility for lost property.
Money and/or valuable articles, which have been lost or stolen, should be reported immediately to the appropriate administrator. DO NOT BRING VALUABLES TO SCHOOL! Paragon ISC is not responsible for any stolen item.
The school publishes ‘Paragon’, a twice a month newsletter which is also available on the school website at
Email is used to send notices to the parents who have provided an e-mail address. Several email addresses are available for parents to contact the school.
All visitors are welcome. Anyone who wishes to visit the school is asked to notify the school in advance, giving the day and time of the desired visit.
Visitor passes must be obtained from the administrative office secretary upon arrival at the school and used during the visitation.
Parents who wish to visit their child’s classroom should inform the teacher in advance so as not to disrupt classroom lesson plans.
Student visitors are not allowed in classrooms between 8:00 a.m. and 4:10 p.m. without permission of a school administrator. Permission for a student visitor must be requested to the respective administrator at least 24 hours in advance.