In aim of using benefits of high technology and smart phones Paragon ISC Primary Campus has instant message groups policy, means that in order to reach our parents as quickly as possible each class has their Viber or Line groups created by homeroom or teacher’s assistants. With a help of that groups parents and teachers can easily inform each other about any news or updates related to student’s life.
Email is used to send notices to the parents who have provided an address. Several email addresses are available for parents to contact the school.
Paragon ISC has auto SMS service to send notices to the parents who have provided a mobile phone number. To receive proper information parents must keep the phone records up to date.
All the visitors are welcome. Anyone who wishes to visit the school is asked to notify the school in advance giving the day and time of the desired visit. Visitor passes must be obtained from the administrative office secretary upon arrival at the school and used during the visitation. Parents who wish to visit their child’s classroom should inform the teacher in advance so as not to disrupt classroom lesson plans. Student visitors are not allowed in classrooms between 8:00 a.m. and 15:00 p.m. without permission of a school administrator. Permission for a student visitor must be requested to the respective administrator at least 24 hours in advance.