Paragon Student Union 2019-2020

11-09-19 Thyra Piv 0 comment

Paragon International School congratulations the new set of Student Union officers on its Primary Campus. The campaign period had lasted over a week and it was excitement all round as the newly elected President and Vice-Presidents were announced.
The School thanks all students and teachers who participated in the election and is delighted to announce that the new campus Student Union President will be Savanna So (6A), while Vice-Presidents are Ziva Barnard (Int 5) and Singly Cheng (6C). The newly appointed secretary of the Union is Lily Kim (5A) and the treasurer Sokunvisith Sam (6B).
The Grade 4 class representatives will be Bunheng Sok (4A), Kenneth Lyda (4B), Afandi Sofry (4C) and Sarvinoz Akhmatova (4 Int).