Paragon ISC  Kindergarten offers Australian Early Years Learning Framework as a baseline for an academic and holistic curriculum. We understand that play is a crucial part of students’ learning and development. Opportunities that encourage students to become actively involved, have fun, and enjoy the process of learning, will guarantee a positive and strong foundation for all future learning.

7 Learning Areas

Our kindergarten prioritizes your children’s safety and makes their learning experience enjoyable through play. The school curriculum aims at academic success and social-emotional wellbeing. Our teaching methodologies are designed to develop confident, curious, and self-sufficient learners.”

Arman Tynybekova
Principal, Kindergarten


A good school spirit and a sense of membership are built of many different factors, and the key issue is that the classes and the school as a whole work together. The interactions or conversations elicited by events helps students build relationships, understand different perspectives and engage other cultures.

Here, at Paragon ISC we inspire every student to push beyond their limits through various activities.

  • Get Moving Week
  • Friendship Week
  • Fruit Salad Party
  • Year End Party
  • Family Sports Day
  • Water Festival Celebration
  • Fun Fairs
  • Picnic Days
  • Special days(my color day, career day, my pet day, etc)


The Toddler program gives the significance of the developmental need of toddlers. They are learning to talk, move around and are exploring their environment with great enthusiasm. The Toddler program is for children between the ages of two to three years old.
The program is provided with responsive, nurturing, positive experiences to form secure attachments, enabling them to grow into curious, confident, able learners. The focal point is to cultivate Toddler’s independence, self-esteem, self-help skills, self-control, and coordination.


The Nursery program is for children between the ages of three and four years, who encourage and supervise educational play and learn simultaneously. It nurtures the many phases of a child during the many learning experiences that give special attention not only in academics but also the formation of desirable learning habits and behavior.
The program provides periods for shildren to work in small groups independently, curiously busy with the teachers, becoming task-oriented, imaginative, and having persistent attitudes towards achieving their learning.


The Pre-Kindergarten program is for children between the ages of four to five years old, which has a strong focus on enhancing children’s learning and development to have a solid start in kindergarten in language development, early literacy, early math and science explorations.
The program provides children purposeful learning to solve problems, communicate, participate in activities that spark their interest, socialize with others through many group activities, and explore their environment.


The Kindergarten program supports children to learn by doing, experiencing, observing, questioning, imitating, examining, and exploring in a relaxed and secure environment with the stress of having a positive self-concept.
The program provides hands-on experience with concrete materials to promote the child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Planned activities arouse curiosity, understand responsibility, respect fellow students, and foster sharing and cooperation.