Fire Drills

01-10-19 Thyra Piv 0 comment

At Paragon ISC Secondary School, fire drills are essential for emergency awareness. True to the old adage -‘practice makes perfect,’ performing a fire drill enables the school community to become familiar with the emergency routine, knowing which exits to take and where to meet after they have evacuated the building. It benefits those who have been tasked with the responsibility of leading the drills to put into practice what is expected of them and thereafter, together with the school’s management to determine what worked well and what could be improved upon in subsequent drills and be ready in the event of a real fire evacuation.
An important task during a fire drill is to record the drill outcome. During the recent fire drill, Paragon ISC proved its efficacy of how the community responded seriously to the task – all aspects of the drill were checked and inspected i.e from how the school community performed the procedure, who was involved, how long the drill took, and any concerns that came up during the process.
The drill was carried out successful as not only was the building evacuated in a prompt, timely and calm manner but the students were very mature; they took the drill seriously and adhered to the instructions given by their teachers and the safeguarding team.
The drill ended when the safeguarding leader completed the check for attendance, inspected every floor and gave the all-clear sign, which signals that the drill has successfully concluded.