We offer a series of local trips linked as much as possible to the relevant curriculum as we believe that learning does not just take place within the classroom. The same trips may not run every year. However, we do try to offer a variety in an effort to further international and cultural understanding. Students have a significant role on field trips, not just as learners but also as ambassadors for our school and community.
Along with the expectation set out in our Code of Conduct, the following guidelines are necessary for students on both local and overnight field trips:

  • Accept that limitations may be more stringent than normal in order to ensure safety. The Student Code of Conduct and other Paragon ISC rules are applied. Specifically, Students agree that controlled substances (and/or associated paraphernalia) may not be used, possessed, distributed, purchased, or sold by any person whilst on school trips (regardless of the legal age of use of the country).
  • Bring appropriate clothing, supplies, money, passport, visas and any other items as noted by trip supervisors.
  • Make sure you are never alone; always be in a group of students no less than three and always inform supervisors of where you are.
  • Remain in the areas designated by trip supervisors.
  • As representatives of Paragon ISC , we expect the students to present a positive and courteous image.

It is understood that if the supervisors deem a student’s behavior to be unacceptable or unsafe, she/he will be sent home at the parents’ expense. There may be additional school disciplinary consequences and/or limitation of future trips.