Paragon ISC’s High School Diploma for the international programme is recognised by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport as equivalent to the national high school diploma.

What does Diploma equivalency mean?

It means that the Paragon International School’s Grade 12 diploma is recognized as equivalent to the Grade 12 National Diploma by the MoEYS (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport). Students will receive their national diploma without sitting for the Grade 12 National Examinations.

Where can I use this diploma?

  • To be considered for admission to National & International Universities
  • To apply for jobs in the public & private sectors in Cambodia 

There are two programmes at the Paragon International School. Which programme do students need to complete to gain the equivalency diploma?

Students need to complete the international programme in high school to receive the equivalent national diploma.

What is the difference between international and bilingual programmes?

Students in the International programme follow the Cambridge International Curriculum. All courses are taught in English. Students can choose to study a foreign language as well. A requirement for equivalency will also require local students to take Khmer Language and Khmer History classes.

Students in the bilingual program study all required national curriculum subjects in Khmer and a minimum number of Cambridge subjects in English. In order to get the national diploma, bilingual students will need to successfully pass Grade 6, Grade 9 and Grade 12 examinations.

What exams will international programme students take?

Students studying in the international programme do not need to sit for the Grade 6, Grade 9 and Grade 12 national examinations. Students will sit for the school-based summative examinations from the Cambridge courses they study. At the end of each academic year students passing the required expectations will be promoted to the next grade levels and final Grade 12 results will be sent to the MoEYS (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport) for approval of the equivalent diploma.

In addition, if a student desires Cambridge qualifications at different levels, he or she must register and take the Cambridge examinations for the desired subject or subjects.

What grade level can students apply to register for this programme?

A student can register for this programme at any grade level from the start of primary level. 

What is the procedure to register to this programme?

The student should contact the school reception or visit the school office.

Are there any fee differences between the bilingual and international programmes?

Yes. More details can be obtained by contacting the school office.

Is switching between bilingual and international programmes permitted?

A student can switch from a bilingual to an international programme at the end of the academic year. However, switching from the international to the bilingual program is not permitted.