Cambodian Cultural Awareness Competition

24-02-20 Thyra Piv 0 comment

Paragon ISC—Secondary Campus recently concluded the Cambodian Cultural Awareness Competition (CCAC).

The aim of the competition is to help students:

– Attain foundation knowledge about Khmer culture, heritage and history

– Possess the ability to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions and be self-reliant

– Possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for their own improvements and those of their

families and the Khmer society

– Become an active citizen and be aware of social changes, understand Cambodia’s governmental system and the law, and demonstrate a spirit of national pride and love for their nation, religion and the king

– Understand and appreciate other cultures, civilisations and histories that lead to a collective spirit as built on equality and respect for one another

– Exercise sensible judgment by referring to morality and commitment to identify, analyse and work towards problem-solving

– Emphasize active and applied learning in all Khmer subjects across the core curriculum, including the study of technology which is the application of knowledge to improve life quality for all

– Possess experiences that enable them to learn to know, learn to do, learn to be and learn to live together as one Cambodian society

Our top three teams are:

1st Place – The Banteay Srey Team: Gadarewin Mon (7A), Sokkimliza Ny (8D), and Nanet Phy (9C)

2nd Place – Bayon Team: Yoekva Yin (7C), Voleaktepi Sin (8C), and An Pov (9A)

3rd Place – Angkor Team: Hang Hour Keu (7C), Vikunwat Lav (8B), and Sophear Var (9C)

The event was organised by the Local Curriculum Department, and overall it was a fun-filled experience for all.