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Admission to Paragon International School is based on whether the student’s educational needs can be met by Paragon ISC and its programmes. As accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) the school has a number of guidelines and requirements regarding the enrolment of a student.
Paragon ISC assesses if the school can benefit the student by observing records from a previous school and by setting entrance exams which will measure a student’s learning abilities. The command of both the English and Khmer language will also be tested and these tests may affect whether a student is enrolled. If a student is admitted then their language ability will affect the programmes they will follow.
Once a student has been enrolled on-going assessment procedures monitor the extent to which any given student is benefiting from school programmes and effective procedures are used to inform parents/guardians about decisions regarding continued enrolment
Paragon ISC believes that all community members must demonstrate an understanding of and appreciation for diversity, thereby supporting a climate of mutual respect. Any student admitted to the school must be aware that this is one of the school’s core beliefs.
As well as the academic and behavioural requirements set by Paragon ISC , students must reside with a parent or legal guardian and the school fees required must be paid. The chronological age requirements that the school has determined must be met.
If these can obligations can be met as well as the achievement and behavioural standards set by the school then a student’s continued enrolment in the school can be assured.
The Primary and Secondary campuses use the Cambridge curriculum and will ensure all students benefit from the aims and values contained in this educational programme. This will include: being confident in working with different information and ideas; being responsible for themselves and responsive to and respectful of others; being reflective as learners; developing their ability to learn; being innovative and equipped for new and future challenges; being engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference in the world and the lives of others; and having a sense of self-identity, maturity, global citizenship and the ability to cooperate well with others in any walk of life.
The Kindergarten campus uses an Australian framework to guide its curriculum. This has been selected as the structure best suited to preparingParagon’s youngest students for the Cambridge courses they will take as they progress through their later years of study.

Language Support Policy

Admission to Paragon International School is based on whether a student’s educational needs can be met by the school. Paragon ISC is a bilingual school and a placement test in English will determine whether the school is suitable for a student and also if enrolled the educational programmes a student should follow.
Students who need specialist language support to access the curriculum will be provided with be given the appropriate support by qualified teachers. ESL programme is being enhanced to ensure all students have the best opportunity to become competent in English.

Learning Support Policy

Learning support at Paragon International School is flexible and the school will always look to cater for the needs of an individual student. One-to-one support may be given as well as support to smaller classes of students or within a main class. The school is not a special needs education school (SEN) but will support any of its student who have mild learning difficulties.
Emotional and social is support is available through Paragon ISC counselling programmes and an emphasis on communication between teachers and parents is considered vital in assisting students with any support they may need.
External agencies may be used in assisting students who need learning support but this would be at an additional cost to the parents/guardians. However, Paragon ISC reminds any parents/guardians that limited external services are available in Cambodia.
The number of learning support personnel at Paragon ISC , their qualifications and their levels of experience of learning support are appropriate to the number and needs of identified students in the school. Staff members assisting students with learning support are clearly identified and their roles are defined and understood by the whole school community. Learning support services function as an integrated part of the school’s programme with learning support staff members working in collaboration with classroom teachers, students and parents to optimize student learning.