General Rules


Paragon ISC students are required to show great respect for school rules and regulations both in and around school. These rules are in effect for any school activities such as field trips, picnics etc. The students who violate these rules will be corrected according to the chart at the end.

  • Wear your uniform. Be neat and clean.
  • Be on time for school.
  • Be ready to enter the class when the first bell rings.
  • Knock on the door before you enter the classroom, Teachers/ Administration Office.
  • Do not enter unauthorized areas without permission.
  • Sit in your assigned seat.
  • Be prepared with your books, notebooks and other supplies and be ready to start the lesson before the teacher comes in.
  • Do not move any classroom furniture unless you are told to do so.
  • Keep your classroom clean.
  • Do not eat or drink, do not chew gum or sugar cane in the class and do not take any food into the classroom.
  •  Keep your voice low in the class.
  • Listen to your teacher attentively.
  • Do not interrupt anybody while speaking. If another student is answering a question, giving a report or an explanation, you should listen to him/her quietly and give them your full attention.
  • Treat others as you like to be treated.
  •  Raise your hand before asking questions or speaking.
  •  Address the teacher using appropriate titles.
  •  If the teacher asks a question, you are expected to give an answer. If you don’t know the answer it is all right to tell the teacher that you don’t know.
  •  Don’t leave your desk without permission.
  •  Be kind to your friends at all times.
  •  Follow the classroom rules and procedures set by teachers.
  • Follow the instructions of the classroom prefect.
  • Hand in your homework or projects on time. There is no excuse for not doing homework. If you are absent, you should call your classmate and ask for the assignment. It is your responsibility to find out what assignments you have missed. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to remind you of missed assignments.
  •  Posters, bulletin boards, or any other materials hanging on the wall are considered property of the school and shouldn’t be written on or removed without permission.
  •  It is not acceptable to put up any sign, announcement or advertisement on boards without getting permission from the school administration in advance.
  •  Under no circumstances do you have the right to do anything which interferes with the flow of the lesson.