Consideration: As a Paragon ISC student you are expected to ៖

  • Consider other people’s feelings,
  • Be honest in all situations,
  • Listen to others when they speak,
  • Respect other people’s personal space,
  • Ask permission to use other people’s property,
  • Be just and fair to each other and try to understand why others act as they do,
  • Respect the environment.

Communication: As a Paragon ISC student you are expected to

  • Pay attention when others are communicating with you,
  • Express yourself with clarity,
  •  Share your opinion with others,
  •  Respect the rights of others to disagree,
  • Talk with people in a positive and kind manner

Cooperation: As a Paragon ISC student you are expected to 

  • Work in harmony for the benefit of all those involved,
  • Work together using critical thinking and problem-solving strategies,
  • Assess a situation before making value judgments,
  • Be flexible and willing to accept change.

Courtesy: As a Paragon ISC student you are expected to

  • Be polite with others, remember to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’!
  •  Express your appreciation to others,
  • Participate readily and be prepared for study,
  • Support each other,
  •  Be punctual,
  • Walk and talk quietly and respectfully when moving from place to place.

Commitment: As a Paragon ISC student you are expected to

  • Keep the promises you make,
  • Be an active learner and keep on task,
  • Always do your best and persevere,
  • Show loyalty and stand up for what you believe in,
  • Take responsibility for your own actions,
  • Support the decision-makers.
  • Along with all the above, we also expect you to:
  • Be neat and clean and wear the appropriate school uniform during the class and physical education activities,
  • Exhibit good conduct in the canteen area,
  •  Exhibit good conduct and safety practices on school buses or at school organized activities,
  • Refrain from tobacco, alcohol or drugs at any time.