Due Process


Any student who performs any of the unacceptable behaviors listed in this handbook, or added to this list at a later date, will suffer the immediate consequences of their actions. These consequences range from notification of parents, detention, immediate removal from a school activity, to suspension, expulsion, and criminal prosecution.

All students at Paragon ISC have the right to feel that they are physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe.

Therefore, if at any time you feel you are the subject of harassment, hazing, threats, or other intimidating behavior, you should immediately inform the on duty teacher, home-room teacher, or administrator about the problem. The situation will be investigated as soon as possible. All reports will be kept completely confidential.

Similarly, if you are concerned about the safety of another student who seems to be the subject of harassment, hazing, or threats, you should immediately talk to the on duty teacher, home-room teacher or administrator about the problem. The situation will be investigated as soon as possible. All reports of this nature will be kept completely confidential.


Notifications are given to serve as a notice to the student that his/her behavior is unacceptable and inconsistent with the School’s standards of behavior. The warning will include notice that any future violations of policy could result in the imposition of more severe sanctions. In some cases it may be the preliminary step to disciplinary probation.


Detention will be held after school or at the weekends. Students will be asked to write an essay and do assigned work by a teacher. Students are not allowed to eat, drink, sleep, or leave detention class for any reason.

Detention schedule is:

On weekdays:

16:20 to 18:00

At Weekends:



13:00–15:00 or



Notice of Suspension and the reasons for the suspension will be given to the student in written form by the head of the discipline committee after hearing the issues involved in a situation. If you are suspended, you will not be given the opportunity to make up work that you missed during the suspension.

During suspension the student is responsible for getting his/her work assignments from his/her friends and is expected to be up to speed on all lessons upon his/her return.

All disciplinary board hearings will be held within two (2) school days of any serious infraction being made. Suspension orders issued by the disciplinary board are final.


A decision to expel any student will be put in writing, and will include the reasons for the expulsion according to the principal after due consideration of all the events involved.

You and your parent/guardian may appeal an expulsion within two (2) school days after the expulsion order is issued. This appeal will be made to the Superintendent and heard by a disciplinary board made up of three (3) teachers. You may not attend classes until the appeal is heard, but you will be able to turn in work for the classes you miss while waiting for the appeal and receive credit for that work. All disciplinary board hearings on suspensions/ expulsions will be held within four (4) school days of the appeal being made. Appeal rulings of the disciplinary board are final.


Registration of students with more than 2 disciplinary reports will be discussed at the teacher’s meeting at the end of the academic year. The school may reject the student’s application according to the decision of the teacher’s meeting and refuse the re-registration of the student.


OFFENSES IMPROPER BEHAVIOR (P&T meet: Parent & Teacher meeting)

Violating school dress codeInforming parents, verbal notice (student will be sent home to change uniform and return to school)1 day detention3 days detention
Bringing phones, etc; having jewelryInforming parents, verbal notice1 day detention3 days detention
Tardiness to schoolInforming parents, verbal notice3 days detention1 day suspension
Gambling3 days suspension10 days suspensionExpulsion
Using bad languageInforming parents, verbal notice1 day detention1 day suspension
Disrupting Lessons3 days detention1 day suspension3 days suspension
Possession of fireworks or explosives10 days suspension1 term suspensionExpulsion
Possession of guns or imitation weapons including knives, any pointed or edged weapons and sharp objects10 days suspension1 term suspensionExpulsion
CheatingThe lowest scoreInforming parents,1 day detention1 day suspension
Unauthorized entry to “staff only” areas1 day detention3 days detention1 day suspension
Any annoying or disturbing behavior (harassment) towards other students (shoving, etc)1 day detention3 days detention3 days suspension
Fighting (that involves two students only)3 days detention3 day suspension5 days suspension
Brawling (Fights involving three or more people.)3 day suspension10 days suspensionExpulsion
Deliberately deceiving school authorities1 day detention3 days suspension10 days suspension
Disrespect for authority / willful disobedience3 days detention3 days suspension10 days suspension
Physical / verbal assault on teachers or school personnel10 days suspension1 term suspensionExpulsion
Damage to school’s or others’ propertyInforming parents and Payment of damages1 day detention and Payment of damages1 day suspension and Payment of damages
Use or possession of tobacco and alcoholic beverages5 days suspension10 day suspensionExpulsion
Creating disturbance on the bus or during organized school activities.3 days detention1 day suspension3 days suspension
Stealing3 days suspension1term suspensionExpulsion
Leaving school without permission3 days detention1 day suspension3 days suspension
Defacing, damaging or making any changes to any letters, report cards, ID cards or papers distributed by the school.Informing parents  and 3 days detention3 days suspension10 days suspension
Defaming teachers via any medium (TV, Radio, Internet, Newspaper, Magazine etc.)Informing parents  and 10 days suspension1 term suspensionExpulsion