Electronic Device Confiscation

The school will confiscate the electronic device and its components e.g. battery, cord etc. except for the SIM card, when found on school premises during school days and hours. The device will be confiscated for exactly six months since the date of confiscation.

The school will record a disciplinary case on the student’s report card for each case and in case of repetition; the school will be taking further actions such as detention, suspension or expulsion.

To receive the confiscated device, the student will have to present the “electronic device receipt”  given by school to the school. In case the student does not claim the device within a month (30 days) from the return date, the school will sell my device under the supervision of the vice president for finance and the proceeds of the sale will be turned over to school scholarship funds.

In case the student moves to another city, country or school, he/she will receive the device on the final day that he/she leaves the school.