Drug Policy

Paragon ISC takes the position that a student who abuses illegal drugs is not welcome in the school. This includes abusing away from school, including weekends and holidays.

The school reserves the right to a confidential medical examination (urine analysis) of any student suspected of using illegal drugs. Refusal to comply with this request will result in immediate expulsion.


If the school becomes concerned that one or more of our students may be taking any type of the drugs listed below without a doctor’s prescription, the Principal will call a meeting of the Drug Testing Advisory Committee. This committee will be composed of: Principal, Vice Principal, and two teachers selected by the Principal with the Vice Principal. A majority of this committee may decide to investigate drug testing (urine analysis) of the student(s). In such cases, the parents of the student(s) will be contacted and testing will be requested. If the parents and student(s) agree, the child will be tested in such a manner as to maintain confidentiality. If they refuse to co-operate with the testing, the student(s) will be expelled immediately. In case any student tests positive, their parents will be informed and the family will be given three options:

1. To withdraw the student permanently from Paragon ISC , in such case no further action will be taken by the school.

2. To agree to periodic urine analysis at the parents’ expense. Should a second test prove positive, the student will be immediately and permanently expelled from the school.

3. If the parents and student do not agree to co-operate with the testing, the student will be permanently expelled from school.


In a case where a Paragon ISC student on the school campus or at any school-related activity is found in possession of any of the drugs indicated below, they will be expelled from the school.

Drugs Covered By This Policy

The drugs referred to in this policy include any from the following categories: Amphetamines including cocaine; barbiturates; hallucinogens, including hashish and marijuana; opiates; and tranquilizers.

None of the drugs of the types listed above are to be taken without a doctor’s prescription. This includes out of school hours as well as during school. For example: Paragon ISC students are not permitted to abuse these drugs on a weekend or holiday. If Paragon ISC students are taking any of the drugs listed above under a doctor’s prescription, the school should be notified immediately. This allows the school to monitor the student’s behavior and notify the parents if the drug seems to be affecting the student’s behavior at school.