Head of School

Message from the Head of Paragon ISC

It is my honour to write to you as Head of Paragon International School (Cambodia) and as an advocate for how education can change not only a child’s future, but transform that of a nation’s.

Paragon ISC, which today spans across three campuses – Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary – was formed in 1997 and has grown into one of Phnom Penh’s most recognised and respected institutions.

I am privileged to now oversee the running of all our campuses and am motivated each morning in the knowledge that I have the huge responsibility of ensuring all of our students get the best all-round education we are able to offer them. I am grateful for the dedicated team I work alongside which gives me support when I require it but also guidance and alternative perspectives when it is those which are called for.

From two-year-olds on our Kindergarten Campus to those aged 18 at Secondary we have carefully designed our curriculums to ensure a truly international education for all pupils who walk through our doors.

Nurturing students in a safe environment and giving them not only the knowledge to flourish in careers of their choice in the future, but also to enable them to truly grow into global citizens who are able to add value in whatever they do in life, is what is key the School’s core mission and objectives.

As an international school, it is important to ensure students are not only contented during their time at Paragon ISC but that they also gain from the culturally rich and diverse community of students and teaching staff our school is made up of.

However, I also echo the School’s belief that without continually learning about their history and culture a child can never really be conversant with who they are and the country they are a citizen of. For this reason, Paragon ISC continues to take pride in its status as a bilingual institution and our students continually achieve results in the National Curriculum set exams which are among the top in the country.

I am delighted to announce that after our most recent evaluation by the Council of International Schools (CIS) we are now extremely close to gaining the organisation’s accreditation status – which will see us reach the highest level in its detailed and highly comprehensive standards.

Paragon ISC has always been a School known for helping and aiding those in its community who may require it. While in my role that is a part of our institution I will only ever see an increase in during the years ahead.

From field trips which see our students compete in international competitions around the world to galas and contests using our own sporting facilities, the opportunities of what your child can engage in at Paragon ISC are endless.

Each of our campuses holds regular open days but our school receptionists are always ready to assist you should you desire to come and see what a Paragon ISC education is all about at times outside those already set for the public to visit.

I believe that Paragon ISC has at its disposal the team of staff, set of facilities and right ethos, balancing academics with social responsibility, to ensure that by choosing one of our campuses to educate your child there will no limit to the heights they will later reach in life.

Yours faithfully