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About Zaman International School

Paragon International School  is one of Cambodia’s leading independent international schools and has a current enrolment of over 1,100 students across its three campuses: Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary.

Once students reach the Secondary Campus a full international or bilingual programme is offered which again gives the school a unique status in terms of the choice of education it is able to provide your child.

The programmes used by Paragon ISC are carefully chosen and prepared right from the beginning of a student’s early years on its Kindergarten Campus, where teaching is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Australia, through to Grade 12 in Secondary, where students follow the Cambridge Curriculum and are prepared for the Checkpoint tests (which begin on the Primary Campus) as well as the IGCSE and AS and A Level examinations. Those students on the bilingual programme will also follow the National Curriculum and sit the National Exams set by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

Teachers on each campus come from a range of nations giving the school a truly diverse feel and supporting its overarching missions and objectives. Paragon ISC believes that when internationalism and global citizenship are embraced there are no limits to what students can go on to achieve.

The school was recently inspected due to its commitment to CIS accreditation, which when gained will see it become an international school held in the highest possible regard.

It is also accepted by the University of Cambridge International Centre which enables students to take the Cambridge tests and receive certificates for these world-renowned examinations.

The school’s graduates have been accepted at some of the most prestigious universities in the world including those in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, the US and the UK.